Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Vickers mark VI

The Mark VI was in production in 1936 where all over the world it was used by the British at the outbreak of the second world war. In France 1940, the documents used by government in the first tank division. It was used as a reconnaissance vehicle as it is intended. Where there is a lot of tanks were lost by the German Panzer II, III and IV F1 because, the protection was 10mm and, it had only two machine guns. It was also used in North Africa.

General Gen. Roger wrote later:
“This travesty of an a armoured devision. Thus, the tank crews had just their pistols as their tanks' onlyoffensive weapons!”
Entered service: 1937
Crew: 2
Armament: 1x 12.7 mm or a 15mm machine gun. Secondary 1x7.7 Vickers or Besa machine gun.
Armour: 10mm
Powerplant: Meadows 6-cylinder

If you want more information about these tanks this book will help.

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