Monday, 28 December 2009

Panzer IV v.s Jagdpanzer

I Know they are both from the same side and they were probably never in a tank battle against each other but which one is better the Panzer IV or the Jagdpanzer?

The panzer IV and the Jagdpanzer are similar to each other they have the same suspension and the same gun but they are still different well the obvious it that the panzer IV has a turret and the Jagdpanzer hasn't but the Germans produced more Jagdpanzers than panzer IV's. Why? Is the Jagdpanzer better than the Panzer IV, does it have better armour? or is there another reason why. What do you think?

Well probably the reason is that they were cheaper and quicker to make. Because the Germans had hardly any money because of the Tigers and Panthers they were making and the tanks took a lot of time to make. A Tiger cost more than 200,000 RM the equivalent of $1,167,944.44 dollars or €822,496.08 Euros.

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