Sunday, 27 December 2009

Hungarian tanks (Turan I and II)

Turan I and II tanks the Hungarians weren't really into building and buying tanks. In the 1930s the only tanks that the Hungarians had were Italian tankettes. In 1939 the Hungarians tried to buy some tanks from Czechoslovakia but because of the Germans taking over the Czechs didn't want to. But they did get the rights to build them themselves. Well they modified it and stuck a Hungarian Weiss V8 petrol in it. The Turan I still had the Czech made Skoda 40mm. Then they modified the Turan I with a 75mm gun and modified its turret and called it the Turan II.

Entered service:
Crew: 5
Armament: 75mm (Turan I 40mm)
gun and 2x 8mm machine-guns
Armour: 50mm
Powerplant: Weiss V8 petrol

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